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20 Ways to Ask [Archive]

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It’s been a busy first quarter. I’ve been in 20 states coaching and training around the For Impact point of view, major gifts and organizational strategy. Looking at the activity of our coaches we can add another 13 states to that count.

This level of activity provides for constant and heavy feedback — I’m reminded at the power and value in helping people know HOW TO ASK.

Today I’m posting an audio that was first shared two years ago: 20 Ways to Ask.

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0:00 Greeting
2:08 The Clueless Close
3:37 The Listening Close
6:29 The Higher Level Close
9:56 The Qualifying Close
15:26 The Math Close
19:05 Conversations To Have With Your Board
25:17 The Binary Close
27:37 Holy Audacity
32:39 The Permission Close
34:54 The Goonies Close
38:35 Top Of The Mountain Close
40:59 The Predisposition Close
43:14 The Action Forcing Event
47:14 Practice Close
50:41 The Handful Of People Close
58:15 The Self-fulfilling Prophesy Close
1:00:33 The Momentum Close
1:06:54 Handling Objections
1:14:17 The Transformational Close
1:16:44 Wrap-Up