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Lincoln Lawyer

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I saw Lincoln Lawyer over the weekend. Michael Connelly book. Matthew McConaughey movie.

The title was based on the fact that the lawyer, played by McConaughey, worked out of his car, a Lincoln. Had a driver and a backseat full of office stuff. Worked in the car while he was moving back and forth between court and clients.

Reminded me of something I wrote 20 years ago about Development Officers/Major Gift Officers should abandon their office — and work out of their car!

An updated version of this would challenge all really good SALES PEOPLE (and by For Impact thinking, all Advancement Officers, Development Officers, Major Gift Officers) to forgo all of this distractions ‘in the office’… and work out of your car!

Think about it.

Get a driver. (Way cheaper than office space, etc.) iPhone plus iPad plus digital recorder plus Bose stereo system = major productivity.

Great sales people know they need to be out of the office… visiting with prospective customers/investors/prospects… sharing the story and presenting opportunities.

If you are out of the office and working from your car… you could make 3 visits a day x 3 days a week x 3 weeks a month… and make over 300 shoulder-to-shoulder visits a year!

Then, you could spend an hour or two in Starbucks’ ‘3rd place’… and the rest of the time at home with family or at the gym or whatever.

All kidding aside, there’s never been a better time in history to work out of the office!

Special Note: I would love to see somebody try this. I’d love to see just one great salesperson/Development Officer (with a serious financial goal that needs to get reached in the next few months) get out of the office… and ‘work out of your car‘. Let me know.