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30 Years of Impact

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I’m proud to share our new logo to commemorate 30 Years of Impact for The Suddes Group.

Statistics say that 9 out of 10 ‘businesses’ don’t make it past three years. (I’ve had my share of those.)

I started The Suddes Group in 1983 (#12 of 19 companies).

Cathedral High School in Indianapolis and Fenwick High School in Chicago were my first 2 ‘clients’. (I remember the Chairman of Cathedral saying, “No one will ever pay $2,500 [hundred!] a month for consulting in the not-for-profit world.”)

I also remember calling this company The Suddes GROUP because I really liked the Tom Peters GROUP. (There was no ‘group’ … at least not in the beginning.)

Since then, we’ve managed 400 or 500 campaigns and raised well over $1 Billion for everything from 100+ economic development campaigns to 100+ school campaigns to 100+ social service initiatives.

When Nick and I created For Impact in 2001, it was about the entire FOR IMPACT MOVEMENT and a desire to help change the world through every For Impact Leader and Social Entrepreneur we coached.

A lot has changed over these 30 years, but one constant has been the quality of our TEAM. From my brother John (who was first actual partner/associate) to Jim, Jim, Leo, Terry, Mike, Mike, Rob, Tom, Al, Lisa, et al … to today’s team of Nick, Steve, Kerry, Dick, Jeff, Robb, Mike, Carol, Christi-Marie, Traci, Nicole, Stephanie, Melissa, Georgina, Tim, Wolfie and Phyllis.

A special thanks to all of them … and to the thousands of people and organization we’ve worked with over the last 30 years.