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Attitude Is Everything!

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

In our world (For Impact), ATTITUDE really IS EVERYTHING! Whether it’s trying to get a visit, making a $1M transformational gift presentation or dealing with your team (I did all 3 yesterday)… your ATTITUDE determines the OUTCOME!!!

*My friend, Tim Kight, even has the equation for this:

E + R = O.
Event + Response = Outcome.

Jeff Haden, blogging at Inc., had a great post on the Essential Trait of Every Great Entrepreneur: IRRATIONAL OPTIMISM!

Read this for his reasoning. My total agreement is based on being a ‘glass always full’ (not half full!) kind of guy. Pushing past doubt, disbelief, naysayers, cynics, ‘sky is falling’ pessimists is the way great entrepreneurs and great sales people live their life. Regardless of your personality… there is a lot to be gained by having IRRATIONAL OPTIMISM and a GREAT ATTITUDE.