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Who would of thunk that Goose’s words to Maverick would be so timeless… and so important to the For Impact World!

This I know: If you commit to ENGAGE with your CHAMPIONS and your MOST QUALIFIED PROSPECTS… your entire organization will be TRANSFORMED.

Andy Grove, of Intel fame, has created a 3-word battle cry that changes everything,


Martin Luther King said,

“I have a dream!”

*He didn’t say, “I have a Strategic Plan”.

In our world, (just so there is no confusion) ENGAGE means VISIT… SHOULDER-TO-SHOULDER… OUT OF YOUR OFFICE… with your BEST INVESTORS and PROSPECTS!

Attached is my latest guidebook, ON ENGAGEMENT, to help you get going. Suggest you download/print/bind… then READ. SHARE. USE!

Note: These For Impact GUIDES on a particular topic or area are designed to help you find your ‘WAY’.
(It’s the whole TAO thing.)

We can’t tell you how many times during our training, talks or with coaching clients we have had people stop us and say, “Just tell us what to do. You’ve been there, done this. Save us the time, money and energy.”

This is one way we can honor that request. For Impact Guides are where we share our thoughts, ideas and experiences… in ‘nugget’ form aggregated on a specific topic.

It’s meant to be a quick read. To provide motivation, as well as ‘How-To’.