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Read Now: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Add this to the list of books I wish I wrote but didn’t: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs – How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience.

This is a book about dead simple and inspiring communication… it’s messaging GOLD. Steve Jobs and Apple provide a lens through which to teach you frameworks.

The book reinforces so many For Impact Concepts: Selling at 30,000′, Altitude, Simplicity, Visual Engagement, Finding the Transformational Purpose.

If For Impact were a university this would be required reading for For Impact Communication 101. In class we would discuss how to apply these concepts to the 1:1 selling setting – mostly by setting them in a dialogue context.

From Gallo’s intro:

You will learn how Jobs does all of the following:

  • Craft messages
  • Presents ideas
  • Generates excitement for a product or feature
  • Delivers a memorable experience
  • Creates customer evangelists

To this I would add one superseding bullet: “Changes the world.”

“If you pay close attention to Jobs, you will see that he doesn’t “sell” products; he sells the dream of a better future.” (See Steve Jobs Close)

“The most inspiring communicators share this quality—the ability to create something meaningful out of esoteric or everyday products. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz does not sell coffee. He sells a “third place” between work and home. Financial guru Suze Orman does not sell trusts and mutual funds. She sells the dream of financial freedom. In the same way, Jobs does not sell computers. He sells tools to unleash human potential. Throughout this book, ask yourself, “What am I really selling?” Remember, your widget doesn’t inspire. Show me how your widget improves my life, and you’ve won me over. Do it in a way that entertains me, and you’ll have created a true evangelist. Along the way, you’ll also discover that Steve Jobs is motivated by a messianic zeal to change the world, to put a “dent in the universe.” In order for these techniques to work, you must cultivate a profound sense of mission.”

So… yeah… you can see why I like the book!

Read Now: Rules of Thumb by Alan Weber

Tom and I recommend a ton of books. However, note this as an über-recommendation. Alan Weber’s Rules of Thumb – 52 Truths for Winning at Business Without Losing Yourself is the best book for entrepreneurs I’ve read in five years… hands down.

Usually you read a business book and you can boil it down to a few juicy nuggets or takeaways with a lot of filler and fluff and the token story about Southwest Airlines or Dell. I’ve been chewing on every sentence in this book. The last time I remember doing that was when I first read Marcus Buckingham and before that, my first encounters with Peter Drucker.

I wish I could/did write this book. It’s awesome. Some randomly picked nuggets:

  • “If you’re a leader, your people need three things: clarity about purpose, honesty about values, and focus on metrics.”
  • Rule #5: Change is a Math Formula. “Change happens when the cost of the status quo is greater than the risk of change: C(SQ)>R(C).”
  • Rule #10: A Good Question Beats a Good Answer.
  • Rule #20: Speed = Strategy
  • Know the difference between text and subtext [extended discussion about].
  • “Numbers, charts, and graphs appear to be specific, but without verbs it’s hard to know what the numbers actually mean. The numbers may look “hard,” but they’re actually soft. Stories may appear “soft,” but the verbs make them hard.”
  • “When in doubt, leave it out. Less is more and more is too much.”
  • Rule #36: Message to Entrepreneurs – Managing your Emotional Flow is more Critical than Managing your Cash Flow.
  • “If you don’t ask, don’t expect the investor to make the pitch for you.”

I’ve put through a bulk order for this book with Amazon. Will be giving away many copies… leave a comment below (first three to do so) and I’ll mail a copy to you.