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Follow Up

Follow-up is a crucial part of engaging with a prospect that begins before a visit and is implemented during and after the visit.


Follow-up is everything that happens after the visit but must begin before the actual visit and be integrated during the visit. It is important to confirm the follow up in three ways:

  • Follow up with the prospect to confirm the details of the visit and provide a course of action toward closing. During the visit, capture key parts of the conversation, including quotes, that can be used in a handwritten letter that is not only a thank-you, but advances the relationship.
  • Follow up with your organization by creating a memo or record of information about the prospect on a personal level, their engagement with the cause, and steps forward. After each visit, conduct a braindump of all your thoughts through notes or on a voice recorder to immediately capture your thoughts and the details of the conversation before you forget them.
  • Follow up with yourself. Coach yourself in the form of a sales diary of what you could have done differently and what you did well. Simplify and confirm the content of the visit to better communicate and make it easier to follow up.

What do you do if the prospect was not expecting you to make an ask?

Nick provides the solution to the question – ‘What if the prospect wasn’t expecting an ask?’


What if you sit down for a visit and the prospect was not expecting you to make an ask? Sometimes this happens as a result of miscommunication while setting up the visit, but this doesn’t need to be a hindrance to the visit.

Acknowledge that although it may have not been their intention, you would like to continue, and if it is a fit, the prospect will often offer to help without you even asking. Present the financial plan and continue to pursue if it is a good fit, whether now or in the future.


Nick shows several predisposition methods to prepare for a successful visit.


A cold call to a potential prospect is not only unenjoyable, but often fails to produce results. It is important to do everything possible to ensure that the visit does not feel like a cold call, but instead is a warm invitation to join your organization to make an impact. This will predispose the prospect to the cause, to the ask, and to the case and will provide the opportunity for a sit-down visit.

You can’t explain everything about your organization in a short visit, so introduce your organization by creating a memorable experience to build a relationship through a specialized event, by sending material in the mail, or through a brief phone call.

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