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Video Nugget: Creating Great Funding Rationales

Previous video in this sequence: Using Altitude to develop your Presentation.

In this video we cover the ‘Last 3 Feet’ tied to Creating Great Funding Rationales (hint: “Unrestricted” does not make a great Funding Rationale!)

  • Create a Funding Rationale tied to a Unit of Impact if possible – “Our goal is to underwrite all 3000 of our families each year at $1500 per family. How many families can you help support?”
  • Package up your Programs – “Here is the Impact we’d like to have in each community and it will take about $100,000 per community to make it happen.”
  • Use a Leadership Circle membership goal as it relates to the Opportunity to Save, Change and Impact Lives – “When we have 50 members in our Leadership Society (@$10,000+ per year) it allows us to innovate new programs and provide core support to existing impact. It also allows us to move quickly when needed – To save and change more lives.”

97/3: Lions, Mice, and Antelopes

How many current investors do you have right now?

How many constituents (total) do you have that are contributing financially?

Total: ____________

3 % of Total: ____________

This new number is where (roughly) 97% of all your income is coming from! These are your antelope! The Big Calories! Stop chasing mice!

You’re In Sales, Get Over It.

Tom dives deeper into the third ‘napkin’ insight (Just Ask) by explaining that you’re in sales, get over it.

What does ‘sales’ mean? What does it mean when you say ‘we’re in sales’?

  • Sales Team
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Attitude

Holistic Funding Model

  • What projects or special campaigns do you have and/or want to have?
    Total $____________
  • What are your goals for endowment or legacy gifts?
    Total $____________
  • What is your annual operating budget?
    Total $____________
  • Are there any other costs or fundraising goals that have not been accounted for above?
    Total $____________
  • Do you currently have an annual giving circle? If so, how what is the total income?
    Total $____________

    Does this total match the total from question 3.?
    If you do not currently have an annual giving circle, take the total from question 3
    and divide by 10, 20, 50, 100 until you get an amount you are comfortable with.

  • Fill in the funding model. (LINK TO FUNDING MODEL DOWNLOAD)

Maximize Relationships

  • Get out of the _______________ business

    Start ____________ _______________ at this given ___________.

  • Definition of ‘Relationship’
    • _________________ ______________
    • _________________ ______________
    • _________________ ______________ to the _________________
  • Who is your most important current investor?
    What 3 things can you start doing immediately to build and maximize your relationship with them, based on this definition.

Change Your Vocabulary

“Words Are Important” – Tom Peters

If you change the way you talk, it changes the way you think, and it changes the way you act.

1. Take the Vocabulary ‘test’ (VOCAB WORKSHEET) Answers
2. Make this pledge to yourself:

“I pledge to start thinking about the lives I am saving, changing, and impacting and agree to incorporate these new words in conversation with my friends, co-workers, and potential investors because I understand that words are important and reflect my thoughts and attitudes.”

Think Big, Build Simple, Act Now

  • Think Big
    People want to hear about ____________.
  • Build Simple
    Write Your mission statement.
    Circle The 3 most important words in your mission statement.
    Can you remember these three words easily? Can you easily use them as talking points?
  • Act Now
    Sit down with a co-worker, volunteer, or friend of the organization.
    Take a minute for each word and share what that word means to you personally
    and in the context of the organization.

What did you talk about? Where there any interesting insights that came out of that discussion?

Impact Drives Income (Video Nugget)

Here’s the For Impact Point of View in 90 seconds.