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“Manage your ENERGY not your time.”

If this quote feels redundant, it’s because it is… and because I’m continually amazed at its POWER.

It comes from the book THE POWER OF FULL ENGAGEMENT by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.

One of their big ideas is around the ‘Rhythm of Nature‘.

When I’m in town, I’m ‘outside’ as much as I can… enjoying, working and playing at Eagle Creek, our 50-acre Leadership Center/Home/Headquarters.

Here’s a great line from Loehr and Schwartz: “NATURE itself has a pulse, a rhythmic, wave-like movement between activity and rest. Think about the ebb and flow of the tides, the movement between seasons and the daily rising and setting of the sun.”

“So, too, are human beings guided by rhythms.”

*I can remember the first time I heard the words “circadian rhythm” from one of my favorite thinkers/writers George Leonard.

This whole ‘rhythm‘ thing is really about the oscillation between two somewhat opposite things. e.g., intense workout and recovery, focused work time and relaxation, etc.

Note: Here’s a great summary article of The Power of Full Engagement which comes from Brian Johnson’s Check it out.

Article contains nuggets like:

  • Keep Your Eye on the Finish Line
  • Nature’s Rhythms Set the Example
  • The Importance of Rest Cycles
  • Reduce Stress by Planning Ahead.
  • How Rituals Let Us Be More Creative
  • Energizing, Clarifying Thought Exercises