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“We’re Moving from Linear Problems to Wicked Problems”

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

This quote is from Coke’s Vice President of Global Design, David Butler. Comes from an old issue of Fast Company (October 2009).

Implies, to me, that ‘wicked problems’ don’t have linear solutions. Healthcare, Homelessness, Aging, Cancer, Education… are all, in some ways, wicked problems… that need wickedly creative solutions.

What an opportunity for wicked, smart, innovative (social) entrepreneurs!

Special Note: Same issue of Fast Company:

“Defining the problem is more important than solving the problem.” Li Ning, Chinese Olympian (6 Medals in ’84) and the guy who lit the flame at 2008 Games in Beijing.

Have we really defined the current problem? Or, are we still dealing with an ‘old’ problem in a new world?