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Follow-Up Is 90% Of The Effort

The Ask | | Nick Fellers

Like predisposition, follow-up requires a specific strategy. Too often wonderful presentations/asks/sales calls are wasted because there is no follow-up.

A typical scenario includes someone making a great presentation and then ‘hoping’ a gift comes as a result of the ask. Or, sometimes there is only a phone call that some weeks later in which the substance of the dialogue is one question: ” We were wondering if you had a chance to make a decision?”

Just remember one thing: “Hope is not a strategy!” – Rick Page

And for you: Hope is definitely not a follow-up strategy.

Huge problem: We consider our work finished when we get to the point of making the request. We feel like we’ve shared everything we can and now it must be in the prospect’s hands. That notion is wrong. In fact, follow-up is 90% of the effort!

Some misc. reminders to help you:

  • Remember, this is not some one-off transaction. It’s all about a true relationship. Follow-up is not really about a strict yes or no – it’s about advancing the relationship, opportunity or plan WITH the prospect.
  • It’s either win/win or lose/lose! You’re presenting an opportunity to save lives, change lives or impact lives. Stop being so bashful.
  • Follow-up is about taking the opportunity to continue the excitement generated on the visit. You’re literally trying to continue the momentum. This could mean:
    • An immediate follow-up letter.
    • An immediate follow-up phone call from champion or volunteer.
    • An immediate follow-up phone call from you.
  • Don’t dodge the issue! The worst follow-up is when you step politely around the pending request (hoping the prospect brings it up or announces to you a commitment). Using your own style you need continue to work with prospect to advance the ball – be direct, sincere and authentic and remember…
    Hope is not a strategy.