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Campaign Seminar 4: A New Funding Model and Plan

Campaigns (Funding the Vision) | | Tom Suddes

In this seminar we break down how to leverage a holistic funding model (annual fund [old word], operations, endowment and special [campaign] projects). It offers examples and ‘how-to’ to help you maximize each relationship – maximizing all funding streams… leveraging the role of the board… and building your campaign plan.

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Some of the feedback: how listeners described this session:

  • “This seminar presented a model for linking campaigns, planned giving and annual giving.”
  • “This seminar affirms that we’re on the right track. That alone is valuable, need and appreciated. Thanks!”
  • “I’ve been following all the Campaign Week seminars – this one gave more specifics to help us with the ‘holistic ask’!”
  • “Transformational… ”

  • “This is such a rich perspective on how to handle the board, the campaign committee and all the problems that can emerge with them. It is the contrary of :” go out and ask money to your friends” !!”