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Campaign Week: Top 10 Campaign Questions

Campaigns (Funding the Vision) | | Nick Fellers

In this seminar we will work through the top 10 campaign challenges faced by every organization…

  1. “How do we simplify our case for support?”
  2. “How do we find and train our sales team?”
  3. “How do we move from planning to dollars in the bank?”
  4. “How do we identify and prioritize prospects?”
  5. “How do we get visits?”
  6. “How do we overcome call reluctance?”
  7. “How do we close?”
  8. “How do we measure and manage our campaign?”
  9. “How do we actively engage our board and volunteer leaders?”
  10. “How do we use our president/ED and senior staff?”

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Some of the feedback: how listeners described this session:

  • “Top 10 campaign changes are really summed up in one word…FOCUS!! Focus on prospects, focus on priorities, focus on the campaign. Don’t become distracted!”
  • “Super focused experienced. Very clear message and strategies!”

  • “Had our entire board on. Very fired up and gives us much to move forward with… THANKS.”