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Get More Aggressive

The Ask | | Tom Suddes

Here’s a big lesson/coaching tip from recent experiences: GET MORE AGGRESSIVE!

    • Timing is perfect.
    • They just inherited a large fortune.
    • Their business is booming.

    *They love your CAUSE and CASE!!!

  • DON’T MAKE THE DECISION FOR YOUR PROSPECTIVE INVESTOR … especially before you even get there!!!
    • “They’re burnt out.”
    • “They’ve got 3 kids in college.”
    • “They’re still paying on a pledge.”
    • “I’m not sure they can do $10,000 or $100,000, etc.”

    *It’s not important whether YOU are sure. It’s not your money. Give them a chance to say ‘YES’!

  • Get (a few of) them to fall off their chair … in shock at the magnitude of YOUR PRESENTATION.If you have not caused someone lately to be SHOCKED at the SIZE of your OPPORTUNITY … you’re not THINKING BIG ENOUGH.