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Giving Is Good

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Great way to start the New Year by looking at some articles Ode Magazine. As Founder, Editor and Chief Jurriaan Kamp says, “ODE sees possibilities where others see problems and believe that despite overwhelming challenges, there’s a way to a better world.” These articles add some great backup to why it’s GOOD TO GIVE! “Giving improves health, spreads wealth, strengthens social bonds and, best of all, it’s CONTAGIOUS!”

3 Great Reasons/Triple Win from reviewing these articles:

    Yourself. ‘The more you give the more you get’ is not just a cliché. It works.
    For Your Organization. The better you understand this whole concept, the easier it is to go out and SHARE YOUR STORY and PRESENT OPPORTUNITIES!
    The Giver (aka Donor/Investor). Helping people enjoy the benefits of GIVING is just a great calling!