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“Green” is everywhere… water is not

Blog | | Nick Fellers

More than a year ago I stood in an airport bookstore and noticed that just about every major magazine had a global warming/energy/green headline. I thought that much coverage surely spelled media fad (instead of cause that would be lasting over time).

Perhaps I was wrong. Every magazine and newspaper I picked up this week had “green coverage” (Even Sports Illustrated – albeit the new Boston basketball team).

I’m someone that is aware of what’s happening with the environment but I would not be considered an activist in any way.

What strikes me is how much we’re reading about the environment – many aspects and how little we’re reading about ‘water’ – specifically.

In August, Tom and I rafted down the Grand Canyon. It was a two week adventure… amazing in too many ways to describe. That trip opened my eyes to the pending water crisis that we are facing here in the US. Lake Powell and Lake Meade were both down 50%.

[Pictured] Lake Meade – White ring shows lake down 100′. Lake at 49% of capacity.

We’ve also had more and more water-related causes joining our website and attending trainings. A few years ago we met Ryan’s Well and more recently (last week) The New York Watershed Agricultural Council attended training camp.

I predict ‘water’ will catapult to the forefront of the environmental discussion in the new 2-4 years. It’s impending and visible to everyone.

  • This week, The New York Times magazine: Is the Future Drying Up?
  • In July, Fast Company did an ‘expose’ on the bottled water industry.
  • and San Francisco has banned bottled water for city workers.