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Have You Tried Jargon?

Daily Nuggets | | Tom Suddes

I was writing up the outline a couple of weeks ago around the importance of language, framing, message, etc.

The same day (May 19th), this was the Doonesbury comic by Gary Trudeau Dilbert by Scott Adams.


Everybody in this business uses ‘’INDUSTRY JARGON’. “Annual Fund.” “Planned Giving.” “Moves Management.” “Cultivation.” “Restricted Giving and Unrestricted Giving.” And on and on and on.

Guess what? The people that you’re trying to SELL to don’t understand any of that crap. They’re concerned with your IMPACT.

“Have you tried jargon?” It doesn’t work.

P.S. Re: MBA’s. Remember, if Thomas Edison had an MBA… we’d all be reading by larger candles.