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Involvement Begets Investment

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I was reminded again this week of the power of this simple idea/action: INVOLVEMENT BEGETS INVESTMENT.

    • INVOLVING your Leadership, Board and Top Prospects is a great way to MAXIMIZE RELATIONSHIPS
    • INVOLVING and ENGAGING your STAKEHOLDERS is a great way to guarantee much greater INCOME.
    • INVOLVEMENT can be in (what we call) the Leadership Consensus Building Process. It can be attending a MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE. It can be as simple as sitting down one-on-one and having a great CONVERSATION.
    • No More Feasibility Studies. No More 5-Year Strategic Plans. No More Internal Case Statements. No More Visions in a Vacuum. No More Promises in Private. No More Decisions in the Dark.

Get your absolute best Champions and potential Investors INVOLVED!!!