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Synchronocity: The Inner Path of Leadership

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Got some nice feedback the Power of One… Snowflake .

Got this from a wonderful book SYCHRONOCITY (The Inner Path of Leadership) by Joe Jaworski. Picked it up in December ’98, then re-read in June ’01, based on recommendation of Jeff Bernel. Jeff was then the head of the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, a seasoned entrepreneur and business owner, and one of the most straight-forward, direct advisors/coaches I’ve ever been around. (And a great guy!)


It’s where I first read about dialogue as flow (of meaning).

*On Page 110, there is a phenomenal paragraph and a great nugget and a whole idea of dialogue. Comes from two Greek words, dia and logos. Suggests flow, meaning flowing through, etc. Jaworski says that it is in sharp contrast to the word debate which means to “beat down” or even “discussion” which has the same root as percussion and concussion – or “to break things up”!

I have so many notes and underlined stuff in this book that I ended up taking it with me to read on my way back from Florida.

Copyrighted in 1996 and 1998… this is one of the real classics! Check it out.