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Presentation Checklist (PDF Download)

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I’m currently reading The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get the Big Things Right. Great read… simple but powerful concepts. Explores the power of checklists, in airplanes, the operating room and life. Checklists have enormous power for the ‘important routines’. They relieve tremendous burden in processing information and they provide a formal way for a group to ‘check off’ each point.

In one story, the author describes operating room situations in which surgeons skip protocol, leading to infection. By simply adding a checklist it created the power for a nurse to address a skipped step.

A checklist… getting the big things right… reminded me of our Presentation Checklist. We use this ahead of every visit just to frame communication amongst the team and make sure we haven’t skipped any important steps. Note: This would be separate from a prospect strategy.

Download the checklist.


Prospect Name: (You would be amazed how much clarity can be achieved by simply focusing in on WHO the prospect is. A ‘family with many players’ is not a prospect.)

Relationship Manager: (Person responsible for managing the relationship.)

Natural Partners: (People outside of your sales team that have a relationship with the prospect.)

  • WHO … needs to be there (Presentation Team)

  • HOW … will we predispose

  • WHEN … is the best time

  • WHAT… do we need to learn on the visit (Discovery)

  • WHAT …do we want to accomplish (Goals)

    WHAT… questions can we ask to help us in Discovery and transition toward Goals?

  • POTENTIAL CHALLENGES (objections) … and responses

  • WHERE .. BEST place for “visit” (Start at our facilities)

  • FLOW … of the visit


  • POSSIBLE PROJECT/PROGRAMS … (no detail, just overview)