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Return On Impact

Made a commitment to myself 20 years ago never to attend another Special Event (cause they’re not ‘special’ nor are they ‘events’).

I did attend Craig Hospital’s SIGNATURE EVENT/MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE last Friday evening in Denver. It was a WOW. The first-class nature of the experience, the quality of the video productions, the powerful remarks by the co-chairs, and a ‘live’ appearance by a patient (a cowboy from Wyoming who was paralyzed in a truck accident) who walked out onto the stage (with his beautiful family) just made the whole night truly memorable and truly an experience.

The CEO of Craig, Mike Fordyce, used ROI as a big part of his theme in his remarks. He said Craig is really about:


Then, he closed with Craig’s over-arching theme around Return to Independence.

We’re proud to have been a sponsor of this experience and particularly proud to partner with Craig in a $93M Funding Initiative for Patient Support, Program Outcomes and a (new) Vibrant Family Campus.