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Shark Week: 10 Big Lessons to Fund Your Vision (From Over 500 Campaigns)

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

“There are no failures… just lessons.” (3rd Century Motivational Speaker)

“SUCCESS is usually a result of GOOD JUDGEMENT.
GOOD JUDGMENT is usually a result of EXPERIENCE.
EXPERIENCE is usually a result of BAD JUDGEMENT.”

(Will Rogers)

As I tell a lot of audiences, if Will Rogers is right, then I may be the most SUCCESSFUL person you know! I would certainly qualify as one of the most scarred, experienced sales/fundraising veterans still breathing. Almost 40 years in the ‘business’. 500 Campaigns. Way more than 6,000 Presentations. All of which have provided me with a ton of ‘failures‘ and ‘lessons‘.

Here are a 10 really, really BIG lessons that can help you Fund Your Vision.

Whatever you do, use the lesson. It’s not necessarily about the words or the stories.