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Shark Week: Vision 2015 – 1,000-Day Funding Plan

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Here is a great (I believe) alternative to a (Traditional) Campaign… that you can execute on right now .

Re-read No More Traditional Campaigns (especially on Feasibility, Studies, Committees, etc.) and the 10 Lessons… and then start immediately on a Funding Initiative to get to the Goal… which is to FUND THE VISION and RAISE NET, NET, NET MONEY for Priorities, Projects, Programs, People and Places.

The attached Vision 2015: 1,000-Day Funding Plan gives you a simple (Occam’s Razor on steroids) way to get going now! (Or at least by 1 October 2012; beginning of Q4 2012.)

1,000 DAYS. Puts you in the middle (end of Q1) of 2015!