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Strategic Coaching at Eagle Creek – our home

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

Imagine 50 acres of country with a castle in the middle, surrounded by a creek, decorated everywhere by rock sculptures, and creative working areas… that’s our everyday environment at Eagle Creek. See picts

This summer we’ve had a number of social entrepreneurs, executive directors and development leaders schedule time to come out for one-on-one strategic coaching… it’s been productive and successful. We’re going to be promoting it more via the blog and website so readers can envision getting out of the office to this retreat-like environment.

Drop me an email ( to learn more about coming to Eagle Creek for one-on-one coaching or strategic coaching with your senior leadership team. It’s a great opportunity to refresh the batteries, jump start a funding plan and leave with actionable high-level prospect strategies.

The property is pretty awesome through late October, then it starts to get cooler… after that we’re better off to meet up in San Diego!

Note: Eagle Creek is in Columbus, OH… you can fly into Port Columbus or Dayton.