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I’m somewhat muted in our blog about funding solutions. Mainly because I want it to be a freewheeling forum for thinking. It’s time to un-mute for a moment. It’s time to say TIME OUT. If you want CHANGE, we can help! If you need CHANGE… I want to help!

The reason for this little outburst? Everyone needs help right now… but not in the usual way. Now, more than ever it’s about QUANTUM LEAPS! I just finished my forth conference call of the afternoon. Same story: “We need to change [read: the-way-we-do-business and results$$$]. No one’s sure what to do.”

My dear friends and long time readers: We help organizations make A/THE quantum leap in: funding, infrastructure, message, leadership, the development model and the organizational culture. I’ve bolded funding because I think it’s one big part – but only a part – of the change.

In today’s discussions I’ve been very focused on helping each client or prospective client get their hands around a 100-day-action-plan. A plan that deals with STRATEGY: FUNDING MESSAGE, PRIORITIES, PROSPECTS and ACTION: SALES TRAINING (TEAM), VISITS, MOMENTUM and TRANSFORMATION.

I believe many if not most For Impact readers/leaders HAVE A VISION. What keeps you up at night is certainly the funding — but that is one piece of the HOW… ‘how are we going to get from point A to point B?’ In listening to all the point A’s and B’s right now the cool thing is that EVERYONE is in need of a quantum leap.

We offer strategic coaching to help organizations of every size make a quantum leap in funding. The path forward is about thinking big with strategy and the having a coach to drive home a dead simple action plan.

We’re very interested in helping those that have fire/passion but not the clarity to drive home a 100-day funding plan. We schedule 30-minute discovery and coaching calls with prospective clients in which we listen, provide some direction and then outline a custom coaching/consulting solution. To schedule one of these calls just email me at