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Struggle to Success to Significance

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Why do I believe that entrepreneurs (with financial capacity) are the very best prospects and potential investors for your For Impact org???

It has to do with the 3rd ‘S’’ word added to Peter Drucker’s great definition of a social movement.

Struggle to Success to Significance.

Drucker coined the Success to Significance part, which in and of itself, is a huge deal.

I added Struggle. Every entrepreneur has faced adversity while tackling opportunity. They’ve struggled to turn ideas into reality… struggled to meet payroll… struggled to generate revenue, sales and growth… struggled to balance life and work… and much more.

This ‘Struggle’, I believe, has left most of them with a very strong sense of gratitude and appreciation. It has created a desire to give back.

That’s why makes these entrepreneurs such great prospects.