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For 36 years, For Impact has been creating and supporting levers for change behind the most important causes of our lifetime, including climate restoration, international development, health care access, health equity, community resilience, education reform, reproductive rights, and social justice.

In support of these causes, For Impact has helped raise more than $2 Billion! Perhaps more importantly, we’ve provided leadership development and fundraising training to more than 10,000 leaders from every state and 40+ countries.

The For Impact Fellowship is a key part of our commitment to transforming the sector — to develop the next generation of talent necessary to change the world!

What is the For Impact Fellowship?

The For Impact Fellowship is a paid one-year employment program that mentors individuals with promising leadership potential. Fellows will receive intensive training.  They will work ‘in-the-field’ on funding campaigns, and they will engage directly in sales (think: selling a mission or vision — fundraising), owning a portfolio of prospects. Fellows will receive intensive training and mentorship in the areas of:

  • Sales / Major Gifts Fundraising
  • Message Building
  • Team Building / Leading
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking

The myriad of connections and priceless experiences Fellows gain will advance any career path.

Does this describe you? We created this fellowship to fast-track the development of the person who feels a general or a specific calling to help others. These are people who:

  • Know they have strong interpersonal and communication skills (excellent writing abilities are a must) — but school didn’t fully show them how to leverage and apply those skills.  
  • Are entrepreneurial, in that they’ve started and built programs — or even a business — in the past. Even if they didn’t succeed!
  • Feel the ‘fierce urgency of now.’ They don’t need to have a clear direction for their energies (that’s why we developed this fellowship!), but they feel restless — they need to get busy making an impact in the world (somehow).

Fellowship Details

  • Fellows will be full-time employees of For Impact | The Suddes Group. One fellowship will be based at our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, and the other will be based at our Denver, Colorado, office.
  • Fellows will be paired with a For Impact Partner to work on projects throughout the U.S. (so… there will be travel).
  • Fellows will be paid an annualized salary of $40,000, and receive standard health, vision and dental benefits, as well as vacation and sick time, and can participate in other really cool benefits.
  • Fellows are responsible for their own housing but we will support the housing process with recommended locations.
  • Application is open to all but we are looking for individuals with a college degree (any field of study), two years of work experience and/or a partial or completed graduate degree (in any field of study).  Work experience does not need to be in the not-for-profit field.

How does the application process work?

Our selection process will begin July 1, 2019 and operate on a rolling basis until we’ve identified two emerging leaders. We’ll be evaluating candidates through several steps:

Application: Submit a resume, as well as a cover letter that shows your thoughtful – and authentic – explanation of: 1) Why this Fellowship is right for you; 2) Your passion for changing the world; 3) Anything else that’s important to share about your story. Send these materials to

First Interview: An in-depth video interview with our Director of Talent, Jessica Gemm, so we can talk about what’s behind your application (and a few additional questions we’ll have), and answer your questions about the Fellowship.

Second Interview: A final interview with our President, Nick Fellers, and his senior partners Traci Bruckner in Ohio and Steve Elder in Colorado.

References: Conversations with a few key references to understand different perspectives on your background, contributions, and potential.

Fellowship start dates will be flexible.


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