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Transfer of Wealth

Daily Nuggets | | Nick Fellers

I was catching up on past Chronicle of Philanthropy issues this weekend. A stat from April 2019 – Campaign Fever (subscription required) jumped out at me: “The potential estate wealth poised to change hands over the next several years is unprecedented — a projected $9 trillion by 2027, according to an analysis released last year by e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.”


I’ve seen all sorts of numbers about the estimated transfer-of-wealth from the boomer generation… we’ve been writing about the coming transfer for almost fifteen years. I’ve seen ‘total transfer estimates’ to be between $7 trillion and $100 trillion. Who knows what the real numbers will be but this study was a reminder that the wave is coming.

I suspect – over the next five years – we’ll start to see evidence of the transfer as increasingly more planned/estate gifts mature. I further suspect these will be products of lifetime relationships.. the time to be engaging and having conversations with funders about planned gifts is now!