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The Visit Story.

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How To Get Visit
A few months ago we published a guidebook: How to Get a Visit. 

This is a nugget about the story to secure a visit.  Really though, it’s a reminder about WHY we are trying to get a visit in the first place.  (Hint: it’s not about the money.)

Perhaps your process to get a visit goes like this:

[A phone call or email from the ‘development officer’.]  “Could we come and see you to talk to you about our annual campaign?”

There IS a story here… But it’s a BAD (VISIT) STORY. 

  • Development
  • Annual Campaign
  • No ‘WHY’.  No ‘IMPACT’.

Here are some thoughts to help you create a GREAT (VISIT) STORY.

  • Go back to our core message: Impact Drives Income. WHY are we visiting?  WHAT are we trying to do [IMPACT]? WHY do we want this person’s time?  Is it to ask for money? Or, is it to help change lives, save lives and impact lives? 
    • “We are visiting with people to talk about HOW to transform education in our community.”
    • “We are engaging key stakeholders in a conversation about the future of health care in our community.”
    • “This is a movement; you are part of it.  We have light years to go to change [insert cause].  This is an important conversation and we hope to have thousands more like it throughout the country…. “
    • “We will be sharing where we’re going and asking for your help.”
  • The story you tell yourself is AS important  – if not MORE important – than the story voice.  You must BELIEVE this is a phone call to change and save lives.  If you believe this, your SPIRIT will trump any script.  If you don’t believe this, a script will not help.
  • Be Assumptive. 
  • Nobody wants to have a visit to talk about money.


    And yet, some $300 Billion is given away in the US each year. 

    Why is this?

    Because just about everybody wants to make a difference.  Just about everyone wants to help.

    Everyone your meeting with (or hoping to meet with) WANTS TO CHANGE THE WORLD!  They want to have exhilarating discussions about making a difference.  They just don’t want to have a meeting about ‘giving money’.  Giving money is a means to an end.

  • Don’t make decisions for the prospects!  Just a reminder.

  • Bonus thought: Part of the STORY is about the PEOPLE on the visit.

This is a great team-selling tip.

YOU are a cool person!

Have a board member or natural partner help to open the door with this story, “You’re going to really enjoy spending 30 minutes with Stephanie.  She’s a rock star… one of those people that makes us all want to do more to change the world.  Stephanie and her team are amazing social entrepreneurs. “