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The Power Of Opposite Thinking

Reading (Books, Articles, Blogs), Thinking Big | | Tom Suddes

As always, I read my Inc. magazine cover to cover as soon as it came.

Adam Hanft (Grist at always has some “good stuff” on the last page of Inc. magazine every month.

THE POWER OF OPPOSITE THINKING is producing “whiplash inducing reversals (that) seem to be occurring on a near daily basis” . Long held positions are being reconsidered with game-changing agility. “That’s a healthy trend for business and the culture at large.”

Hanft gives a number of powerful examples including Microsoft making software compatible with Linux, major television networks subverting their own business model and selling program through the web and on iPods, and IBM selling its computer business to the Chinese company, Lenovo.

A terrific part of his column begins with this question: “When was the last time you considered the impossible?”

Then, this line that every For Impact leader and social entrepreneur needs to hear.

“Think about the ONE and probably HEART STOPPING STRATEGIC TURN you can make in your business (organization) …”

He has a different ending. I would simply say: MAKE IT/TAKE IT … (THE HEART STOPPING STRATEGIC TURN).