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Today | Tomorrow | Forever Model… and STAFFING!

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Last week our shared our ‘new’ version of the Today | Tomorrow | Forever Model. Got some great feedback. My favorite response was from Andrea: “Love it – now tell me the ideal staffing model to support it!”

Andrea (and all others), I LOVE this response/question… and here is my really SIMPLE answer:


In shorthand:

  • Reallocate your talent to support the gold… the green… the purple. Probably can do 5X to 10X the INCOME… with same budget.
  • Cross-train your staff and team to not only understand TTF… but be able to present it!
  • If you’re a BIG operation, then you would have multiple people working on ‘Lifetime Relationships’ (e.g. Alumni Association Team, etc.)
    You would have a team assigned to fill the ‘top of the funnel’ (when the model is turned upside down). Annual Fund, Leadership Societies, etc.
    You would have a very dedicated sales team working on the ‘green’ around the organization or institution’s priorities.
    That team would also be able to present the ‘purple’ around Legacy and Transformational Gifts.
  • If you are a SMALL org (one-two person shop), you need to do ALL of the above.

***Andrea, another great part of your question has to do with the people who are working on ‘stuff’ that is not on this sheet or in this model. You need to RE-ASSIGN those people immediately to support TTF!