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We’re looking for a Visual Communicator/Design Thinker … who wants to Change the World.

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

For Impact readers: We’re using our ideal-profile approach to help find design talent.

I would love nothing more than to find someone within our own community.  Thanks for reading and sharing this.

– Nick


Who do you know who has these three things?

  1. Insane graphic-design talent. (This person’s doodles belong in the Smithsonian.)
  2. A super-hero-like power to simplify complex ideas. (The person could summarize the bible on the back of a business card with a few sketches.)
  3. An infectious JOY for making a difference in the lives of others.

What is visual communication to us?

Think master of whitespace, symbols, icons and infographics… a typography, simplicity, wizard. (Less: Branding, Marketing, Retail.)

What is design thinking? This is where creativity and motivation are brought to bear on a ‘problem’, and the ‘solution’ is replicable and scalable. (If you know who Roger Martin, John Maeda and John Medina are [without Google] … we will interview you immediately.)

Can you help us find this person? He or she is critical to helping us scale our impact. He or she is critical to helping us package and share the lessons we’ve learned from working with 5000 organizations around the world and raising over $2 Billion for causes that range from freeing child soldiers to ending homelessness to advancing treatments for cancer.

We (For Impact | The Suddes Group) are a small social enterprise that does amazing work working directly with and for the top social entrepreneurs and philanthropists on the planet.

We are also a Design firm where we help with:

  • Business Models
  • Sales Strategies
  • 1,000-Day Action Plans
  • Engagement Tools
  • Experiences
  • Teams
  • Boards and more

There are over 1.8 Million ‘nonprofits’ in the US alone; we need someone with the talent, smarts and commitment to help us SCALE OUR IMPACT … to offer to global-change agents the encouragement, motivation, resources — in print — when where we can’t be in person.

Some more details:

  • Location: Columbus, OH
  • Travel: Occasional – we have offices in Colorado Springs, San Diego and Dublin, Ireland.
  • Examples: Types of things we need help with.
  • Experience: Not as important as talent and attitude.
  • Team player: A given. We function like a S.E.A.L. team. Except, instead of being a demolition expert this person will have a different tool set.
  • Status: Looking for talent. Would like to test a project (to see how this person fits on the team) and then dive in full-time with great benefits including health and lifestyle – work from anywhere and unlimited vacation days. (We’re all so motivated to do what we do that ‘work’ is never the issue.)

Referral bonus: Everlasting good karma.