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Your Hospice Question

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

We’ve done a lot of work with Hospice organizations. Pretty emotional/moving stuff.

As you know, our approach starts with the IMPACT… the MESSAGE. Every Hospice asks, “How do we possibly communicate everything we do in one message? People get confused when we talk about palliative care… we want people to know it’s about more than dying… etc. etc. etc.”

Every Hospice organization needs a message… but here’s where it gets interesting. Remember – the best message… the best story… is the one that comes FROM the prospect. In the case of Hospice we should never be out convincing people that Hospice is a worthy cause. We should ONLY focus on those that have had a ‘hospice experience’. Then, instead of trying to jam a message down their throat we need to: engage, listen and ask.


  • “Would you mind sharing with me a little bit about your experience with Hospice?”
  • Be quiet… listen… probably exchange and share a few tears.
  • Keep listening.
  • Keep listening.
  • Ask: “I’m out listening to people. That’s our job…. to connect the stories and let people know that generous support is what makes that extra TLC you described possible. Would you be willing to help other patients and families benefit from that same experience?”

Is there is a ‘Hospice Question’ for your organization? The Hospice Question is about engaging someone that already gets it…. letting their experience or frame speak for the purpose and funding rationale. It’s about getting out of the way. It’s about saying in the SIMPLEST WAY, “That’s what we do… can you help?”