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Vision 2020

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Here’s an exciting, interesting, simple way to look at your VISION and PLANVISION 2020.

  • VISION 2020 is about where you and your organization will be 9+ years from today!
  • Pretty obvious symbolism of ’20/20 VISION’ (the best!).
  • This is approximately 3 1,000-DAY INCREMENTS.
  • Allows you to then talk about the first 1,000-DAY PLAN.
    *This 1,000-Day Plan, by the way, is 33 MONTHS. 11 3-Month (A Quarter) Blocks.

Just wanted to share this interesting frame with our For Impact world.

Special Note: What is your personal VISION 2020?! Where do you want to be in the next 3,000 days? 1,000 days? 100 days?

Everything I have ever read or done around Personal Development (Goals, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Write It Down It Will Happen, Symbolism, Math, etc.) can actually be used for both Personal Development and Organizational Development.

For what it’s worth.