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Thoughts for Emerging Leaders

Personal | | Nick Fellers

We. Need. Better. LEADERS.

This is the reason for StartingBloc.

StaringBloc is a leadership program that identifies and supports emerging leader through Institute-experiences, fellowships, and community. This community now includes some 2500 change-makers in 56 countries.

I spent Friday with 140 StartingBloc Fellows in New York City sharing some of our For Impact Frameworks on messaging, clear thinking, and resource generation (PR, talent, and funding).

Here are some follow-up thoughts for the StartingBloc fellows (and other emerging leaders):

  • Always seek community and mentorship.

    As a StartingBloc Fellow I have faith you will do this. My note is to underscore the importance and purpose.

    “A change in perspective is worth 80 IQ points.” – Alan Kay.

    Alan was one of the creators of the famous Xerox PARC – a center for silicon valley innovation. His observation was made in the context of what happens when you assemble a diverse and supportive community. Ideas accelerate.

    With respect to mentorship… we all need a sounding board. Find someone in whom you can confide, who will push and support you.

  • You’re not crazy. (Or, maybe I should say, we’re ALL crazy.)

    Some burning purpose lives inside you. Life is a journey where we discern this purpose. There are many road maps, but only you can build your roadmap. That’s maddening and terrifying. And normal.

  • Think of frameworks as tools, not tests.

    Kristine shared Polarity Thinking, we (The Suddes Group) then shared the Altitude Framework (WHY/WHAT/HOW). I observed a frenzy of thinking and – at times – visible ‘weight.’ These are tools to help, not tests to complete.

  • “Create more value than you capture.” – Tim O’Reilly

    This is a quote on my wall. As StartingBloc Fellows, you get this already. I just like the way Tim says it, so I’m noting it here.

To the newest members of the StartingBloc community, if we can ever support you in any way, JUST ASK.