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5 Steps to Success

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

As a follow-up to Define Success, here are Malcolm Gladwell’s (of TIPPING POINT and BLINK fame) ‘FIVE STEPS to SUCCESS’.

    1. Find MEANING and INSPIRATION in your work.
    (Easy if you’re in the For Impact World.)
    2. Work HARD.
    (And smart).
    3. Discover the relationship between EFFORT and REWARD.
    (All about productivity, focus, etc.)
    4. Seek out COMPLEX WORK to avoid boredom and repetition.
    (Or just retire and make wood bowls in your garage.)
    5. Be AUTONOMOUS/CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY as much as possible.
    (‘Stress’ only comes when we don’t have ‘control’.)

He also notes that ‘talent‘ and IQ don’t matter as much as we think they do, vis-a-vis success. (That means I’ve still got a chance.)