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A Development Sales Quiz

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

This is a recycled note from last June. After a coaching call yesterday, I thought it was a timely reminder to be a PROFESSIONAL.


(Answer honestly… and then take action!!!)


    Always appear on time with prospects/investors?

    Know the difference between a legitimate question (objection) and an ‘excuse’?

    Write down everything? (Take notes? Dictate a memo for the record after every call? Write out your goals, your numbers, etc.?)

    LISTEN 3 times as much as you talk?

    on important things? (Pending requests, appointments, etc.) Special Note: FOLLOW-UP alone will move you to the top five percent of our profession today!

    Constantly learn/grow via reading, listening, attending, etc.???

    Create Win/Win partnerships and relationships instead of “taking orders”??

    Know your own GOALS and PRIORITIES.

    Schedule daily/weekly time for thinking and planning?

    Spend a minimum of 50% of your time in front of prospects/ investors? (Go ahead, you can add in preparation and follow-up time… but you still need to be making 15 or 20 visits a month.)

    Have some kind of personal contact with your Top 10/Top 33 investors weekly? Monthly?

    Think of yourself as “PROFIT” and not as “OVERHEAD”? (What does your CEO think?)

    Dress appropriately.

    Have fun… and celebrate your success with family, peers, volunteer leadership and staff?