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A Time Of Thanks

It’s that time of year to give THANKS, and Nick and I appreciate our ongoing opportunity to share a Thanksgiving Message with you.

3 Things to Think about this Thanksgiving:


    My favorite (and the best) definition of Wealth. Everything that we (should) truly value doesn’t really “cost” anything. Or, as the VISA commercial would say, “It’s PRICELESS.” Our families, our health, our friends, our lives, our country, our stakeholders and investors, our wonderful staff who deliver our services. And that’s just the ‘people’ value. A good book. A great cup of coffee. Nature. The sun. The ocean. The mountains. All things we can enjoy and value.

    Let this Thanksgiving be a cornucopia full of things that you VALUE.


    Yes, it’s the worst ‘economy’ in a long time. The media is relentless in its coverage of all the ‘bad’ things that are going on. Yet, as you look around the world, each of us has an awful lot to be grateful for. Every book I’ve ever read on success, happiness, personal development talks about the importance of this “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE”. The older I get, the more important it is to wake up every day “giving thanks” (not just this Thursday).


    Maybe this is just a reminder to myself and a few people very close to me that are going through some tough financial times.

    It’s not about how much money you make…
    It’s how much you DO with your LIFE.

    Two of my daughters, Shannon and Kerry, enjoy country music. I happened to hear this lyric when I got into Shannon’s car.

    “It’s not what you take with you… when you leave the world behind you.
    It’s what you leave behind you… when you leave this world behind you.”

    Although I’ve watched thousands of people experience this “giving thing”, I still don’t know how it works. I just know that


    Even though we are all “struggling” a little bit in these slumping financial times… there are millions of lives impacted more dramatically than ours. Although it might feel almost ‘counter-intuitive’, NOW is a great time to SHARE with others. Take your children and grandchildren as you GIVE your time or material goods or money to feed, clothe or shelter the homeless, to help the elderly, to make a difference in a child or family’s life.

I’ve attached a couple of things you might want to share with your kids or grandkids. One is HAPPY PRINCE. Another is to look at the SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD through the eyes of a child.

And, for each of you, I’ve attached a very powerful ‘GIVE TO LIVE’ story around the SEA OF GALILEE.

From all of us at For Impact and The Suddes Group, we wish you a very, very HAPPY THANKSGIVING. We are grateful and appreciative of what you do every day to CHANGE THE WORLD and MAKE AN IMPACT.