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Act Now re: Massive Action

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Early this morning I was looking up something in Take A Quantum Leap (Our Campaign Manifesto) and ended up reminding (myself) that a ‘Campaign’ is all about ACTION. I mentioned that the literal translation or definition of a ‘Campaign’ probably has its provenance with Napoleon and War. As any great general or military leader will tell you, success in war is about MASSIVE ACTION – NOW.

I have watched literally hundreds and hundreds of organizations screw around for years trying to figure out what to do, when to do it, where to hold the kickoff, etc. I’m watching some really great organizations right now who are still debating the “impact of the economy and the recession”, “somebody else has kicked off a campaign in our community”, “our donors are tired and maybe we should wait”, and on and on. UGH!

CHALLENGE FOR THE DAY: What are the 3 ‘MASSIVE ACTIONS’ that you could take RIGHT NOW that would cause an EXPLOSIVE EXPONENTIAL JUMP… a QUANTUM LEAP for your organization?


Then, GO DO ‘EM.

P.S. I was reading a book by Jim Rohn (profound thinker, mind expander, speaker, author and master motivator).

    1. He uses this ‘MASSIVE ACTION’ in a little different way, but the same principle.
    2. He says there is always a list of things that we can do/act upon.
    3. The key is finding the one or two things that will have the most powerful IMPACT (he used that word) and create the most OPPORTUNITIES.

Different words. Same concept.