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Introduction To Altitude

Video, Simplify Message | | Nick Fellers

Nick shows how to build a case for support using the altitude framework to create a powerful message to save lives, change lives, and impact lives.


If we are passionate about our organizations, then why aren’t we talking to more people? This major problem is usually caused by three things:

  • We don’t know what to say
  • We don’t know how to say it
  • We don’t know to whom to say it

By using the Altitude framework, Nick Fellers shows how to build the Case For Support to clearly, concisely, and compellingly communicate this message. This message creates impact, and impact drives income.

The Case for Support is the main reason why someone would invest money into your organization and can be built using the three levels of altitude: purpose, priority, and plan. This tiered altitude framework can be used not only for income development, but also for organizational development:

  • Purpose is the cause or vision of the organization and answers crucial questions like ‘Why does your organization exist? And to what end?’
  • Priorities deals with questions such as ‘Where does the money go?’ and ‘How much money do you need?’
  • The plan is directly tied into the priorities with questions such as ‘How are you going to get there?’

Answering these questions helps to rationalize for someone why they would
invest money into your organization and can be used for strategic planning, leadership consensus building, major gifts efforts, and campaigns.

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