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Build. Measure. Learn.*

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*On my recent visit to Ireland, I shared a book by Eric Ries called THE LEAN START-UP.

In October 2011 issue of Inc. Magazine (one of my favorites), there is a terrific cover article about Eric and his methodical approach to launching companies (organizations).

It’s best summarized by a BUILD (SIMPLE), MEASURE (TEST) and LEARN (FAST).

Then, do it over and over and over again.

Please, please, please take a moment and read this article! Just a couple of ‘text bites’ to capture your attention.

  • “Bit by bit, customers tore apart our seemingly brilliant initial strategy.”
  • “If the goal was to learn important insights about our customers, why did it take so long?”
  • “Is it possible that we could have discovered how flawed our assumptions were without building anything?”
  • “In other words, which of our efforts were creating value, and which were wasteful?”
  • And finally, “If learning is the essential unit of progress for startups, any effort that is not absolutely necessary for learning what customers want should be eliminated.”