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Building A Game-Changing Talent Strategy

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

HBR’s January/February issue talked about “A Great Place to Work” and featured IDEO, BlackRock and Netflix. Here is the link to the initial article Building A Game-Changing Talent Strategy.

Here’s my shorthand to help encourage you to read these articles if you are in any kind of Leadership position in a For Impact organization.

  • Game-changing organizations are purpose-drivenperformance-oriented … and principles-led.
  • Great comments about investing in professional development and training.
  • “Committed leaders and gifted HR managers create an organizational climate of SPIRIT and ENERGY – a magnet for the very best professionals.”
  • The game-changing organizations focused on talents four inherent tensions:
      Support both strategic and operational superiority.
      Are globally scaled yet locally relevant.
      Foster collective culture yet enable high potentials to thrive as individuals.
      Policies endure yet are agile and open to revitalization.

At the end of the article, there are 12 statements that you should look at and answer if you really want to have a GAME-CHANGING TALENT STRATEGY!