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Campaign Week: How to Fund Your Vision

Campaigns (Funding the Vision) | | Nick Fellers

We started off campaign week yesterday with the first of our teleseminars – a campaign rendition of ‘How to Fund Your Vision’. See more teleseminars.

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Some of the feedback: how listeners described this session:

  • “Gives you a new perspective on approaching funding for your organization that is direct, simple and takes the dread out of funding your cause. Helps create excitement for doing something that for too long has been seen almost as a necessary evil. Helps you focus on the good that you are doing in your organization and getting the story out to the community.”
  • “A good start to get into “campaign mode” – which, according to the seminar, should be ongoing. Motivational, makes you think about what you are currently doing and how and why you may need to change.”
  • “Great presentation! I am going to take the POV Guiding Principles and really concentrate on incorporating it into my organization.”
  • “This is an extremely useful clinic that employs a “no-nonsense” yet humorous approach to fund raising. For instance, Nick tells his audience “you’re in sales, people! Get over it!” I would recommend this clinic very highly to anyone looking to increase their organization’s impact.”
  • “I enjoyed the seminar, It has given me something to think about.I need to focus more on the relationships between my organisations and our friends, and keep up communications.”