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Find And Visit With Your Best Prospects

Execution, Sales (Major Gifts) Process, On Prospects, Funding Plans | | Tom Suddes

Here is an example of the kind of ideas we’re discussing during this week’s teleseminar series: Campaign Week 2008.


  1. Create an IDEAL PROFILE of the ‘perfect’ qualified prospect/perspective investor for your Cause, Case, Organization, Vision, and Campaign…
  2. MATCH your stakeholders, constituency, suspects/prospect pool to the IDEAL PROFILE to determine the 3 best fits (matches)…
  3. GO VISIT with these 3 prospects immediately, tomorrow, within 3 hours after you’ve created the MATCH.


  • It doesn’t make any difference where you are in a Campaign. Planning. Just starting. In the middle. Stagnant. At the end.

    CREATING and MATCHING and VISITING with your 3 most IDEAL PROSPECTS will have an IMPACT beyond anything you can imagine.

  • This is about the best 3 matches/fits. It’s not visiting with 3,000 or 300 or even 30 prospects.

  • You can AUTHENTICALLY look these current or potential ‘CHAMPIONS’ in the eye and say any or all of the following:

    • “When we created an IDEAL PROFILE of people that we felt would be a PERFECT FIT vis a vis our Purpose, our Priorities and our Plan… you were at the top of the list.”

    • “In all of our work and preparation for this effort (Funding Initiative), it became so obvious, at least to us, that you were one of a ‘HANDFUL OF PEOPLE’ who could literally TRANSFORM this organization.”

    • “If we can’t PRESENT THIS OPPORTUNITY and get someone like you ENGAGED… [who is perfectly ALIGNED with our Mission , Vision, Purpose, Priorities and Plan] then I don’t know who else we should be meeting with.”

ACTION: If you trust us enough to believe that this can literally transform your entire organization, then you should, again:

  1. Create your IDEAL PROFILE .
  2. MATCH this Profile to come up with 3 perfect ‘FITS’.

    Quick Tip: Sharing the Ideal Profile with your Board and key volunteer leaders and asking them “Who fits?” is 1,319,000 more productive than asking your Board for a ‘LIST OF NAMES’. As Nick always says, “How’s that working for you?”

  3. Schedule the VISIT immediately. PRESENT THE OPPORTUNITY . Be AUTHENTIC.