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No Problems. No Business.

“No Business, No Problems.
No Problems, No Business.”

This was the 1st quote in Inc. Magazine’s ’30 Years of Entrepreneurs Speaking their Minds’ by George Naddaff (Boston Chicken).


My For Impact, entrepreneurial take on this?


Therefore… NO NEED for your ORGANIZATION.

There has probably never been a greater confluence of CHANGE, TURBULANCE, VOLATILITIES and UNCERTAINTY… which has lead to far greater need for ‘SOCIAL’ entrepreneurs to step up and SOLVE STUFF.

Authenticity and Simplicity

AUTHENTICITY is one of the centerpieces of our FRAMEWORK for PRESENTATIONS.

As Nick is always telling our workshop and training participants, “You just can’t go wrong if you are AUTHENTIC (REAL).”


Simply put, it’s being SINCERE !

The people you’re with know right away whether you’re “selling snake oil” or SINCERELY PRESENTING AN OPPORTUNITY that has VALUE to both the GIVER and the RECEIVER!

I read somewhere 25 years ago (I think it might have been Dennis Waitley) that the word SINCERE means ” without wax” ( Latin sine = “without”, cera = “wax”) . It had something to do with marble and sculptors and the way they would “fix” any flaws or mistakes that they made by filling in the mistake with wax.

Challenge to Change

Note: I’m working with an incredible FOR IMPACT organization in San Diego called Father Joe’s Villages. They SAVE LIVES … INSPIRE LIVES … CHANGE LIVES … every day.

One of the key elements of their national model is a program called ‘CHALLENGE TO CHANGE‘ … where they work with those in need to help CHANGE the way they think, feel and act.


Every one of us is looking to make some kind of ‘CHANGE’ in their own personal life, our organizations, our relationships … or in the World.

This is the year.

To get you started, I would remind you of one of my absolute favorite quotes from one of my favorite people, Tim Kight:

“We are perfectly designed to get the results we are getting.”

Tim not only uses that in the ORGANIZATIONAL work that he does, but in his PERSONAL BEST seminars.

What does this really mean? Exactly what it says.
If you want different results, you need a different ‘design’.

Change or Die.

Alan Deutschman just expanded his provocative and challenging Fast Company cover story (May 2005) into a full-length book: Change or Die. I just finished it, and would strongly recommend this as a terrific place to get started on your 2007 CHALLENGE TO CHANGE.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • When given the real choice of LIFE or DEATH, the scientifically studied odds are 9 to 1AGAINST change!
  • Deutschman, on the other hand, says “People can change the deep-rooted patterns of how they think, feel and act.”
  • However, we need to replace the three misconceptions about change. (‘FACTS’, ‘FEAR’ and ‘FORCE’) with what he calls the Three Keys to Change: RELATEREPEATREFRAME (which create new hope, new skills and new thinking).

Nick and I are going to be writing about this concept of CHALLENGE TO CHANGE over the next few weeks. We don’t want this to be the standard’ NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION’, which merely fills up every athletic club in America from January 1st until January 11th; and then they’re back to normal.

Bertram Russell, the philosopher and political pundit, said:

“CHANGE is one thing. PROGRESS is another.”

Don’t just CHANGE TO CHANGE. We all want to make PROGRESS in our personal lives, our relationships, our organization and our teams.

Watch for more …


There was a great article in USA Today at the end of last week about John Lasseter, the hyper-creative head of Pixar Studios, who now heads up all of Disney Animation. I LOVE everything that has come out of Pixar. (This includes Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., and The Incredibles.) All of which, by the way, I have watched 150 times with Savannah and Keegan.

This was a wonderful article on CREATIVITY, INNOVATION and IDEAS. There was also a little “nugget” about what Lasseter and his team calls “PLUSSING” … which is taking “something that is GOOD and making it BETTER (GREAT).”

Think about that as you’re working this week. Keep “PLUSSING” everything.