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Visit: 3 Keys to Success

Nick shares the three universal keys to success for every visit.


There are three universal keys to success on a visit:

  • Listen and Discover – it’s not about you talking, it’s about asking questions and letting them sell themselves. Listening implies them talking, while discovery implies asking questions like What are your priorities right now? or Is it possible for you to do this right now?
  • Share the Story – always go to the highest level in altitude and share your story to get them sold on your impact.
  • Be Authentic – be as transparent as you possibly can be, even go so far as to tell let them how you are nervous or excited to visit with them because it is so important.

Visit Flow – Share the Story and Present the Opportunity

Nick presents the visit flow centered around the framework of sharing the story and presenting the opportunity.


The flow for your visit is as simple as sharing the story around your impact and presenting the prospect with an opportunity to help.

The first step is the opening – it’s a relationship, not a transaction; people sell to people. Establish an authentic and personal connection with someone – talk about who you are and talk about them. Spend as much time on the opening as it takes to open a comfortable line of communication.

The second step is dialogue – it is not a monologue, it is not a spiel, it is a dynamic conversation based upon asking questions and listening to what the prospect’s answers. Ask powerful but simple questions like What do you know about our organizations? Remember that selling is not telling.

The last step is present the opportunity. If your impact is to save lives, change lives, and impact lives, then present the opportunity for the prospect to help to maximize the relationship. Don’t ask for money; ask for leadership, ask for underwriting, ask for transformation, but remember that it is not about the money.

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Introduction to Visits

Nick introduces how to present the opportunity and have a conversation with someone over the phone or in person during a visit.