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Change the Story

Team Development, Boards | | Tom Suddes

The best way to begin changing the relationship/engagement with the board is to Change the Story.

The Power of Story is not only a phenomenal book by Jim Loehr, but it is a great maxim to improve the dynamics of your Board relationship.


What is the current ‘STORY’ you’re telling yourself about your Board?

  • They want to micro-manage everything.
  • They won’t give us names.
  • They won’t ask their friends for money.
  • We can’t get new and better Board Members
  • We are stuck with ‘Legacy’ Board Members.
  • We all dread Board Meetings.


This ‘story’ is familiar, but doesn’t have to be true moving forward.


WHAT IF… you change that ‘STORY’ to one that sounded like this:

  • Our Collective Board is engaged with us at 30,000’ around our Vision
  • Our Individual Board Members help us at 14,000’ around our Strategy
  • Our Board truly understands their role when it comes to funding… and they love it.
  • Successful community leaders who believe in our Cause and our Case are fighting to get on our Board.
  • We have had great conversations with our entire Board about the ‘BUS’… where it’s going and who needs to be on it. Those who are not in alignment with our direction have gracefully and gratefully
    accepted either Emeritus status or rotated off the Board.
  • Our Board Meetings are now Memorable Experiences… exciting opportunities to both see and talk about our Impact! We can’t wait for the next one.


You control the Board ‘Story’. It can be a negative story or a positive story. Either way, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.