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Change Is A Bear

Change | | Tom Suddes

“CHANGE is a bear, but it’s better than death.” Seth Godin

I’m finishing up a book/monograph on CHANGE, titled CHANGE [THE] RULES. I saw a recent post by Seth Godin (Best-Selling Author & Permission Marketing Guru) that ended with the above quote.

We just finished a couple of workshops on the West Coast (San Diego) with 150 people. Great group. Great energy. Great desire to change, but…

Still a lot of issues. Here’s my blunt, authentic, challenging (and I believe relevant) call to action.

STOP worrying about the economy, your Board, budget cuts, etc.

START focusing on the SOLUTION, not on the PROBLEMS.

Right now, you have some cash, some talented staff, and a lot of people who are counting on your for help.

REALLOCATE your existing resources right now!

STOP spending those resources (money, time, people) on things that don’t work.

At worst, many of you are in a long, slow, death spiral. Maybe not this year, but next year or the year after.

At best, many of you will ‘stay in business’ but in a maintenance, stagnant, get-by mode (as opposed to SCALING & GROWING YOUR IMPACT).

“CHANGE is a bear, but it’s better than death.”