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Citius, Altius, Fortius



Olympics have been pretty captivating. I haven’t had much chance to watch, but what I’ve read and the little I’ve seen have been a lot of fun.

Read a very interesting article over the weekend about how the Olympic motto of “Faster. Higher. Stronger.” … is “becoming an aphorism”. According to the article, the human body is reaching its maximum potential, unless augmented by gene therapy, drugs or equipment improvements.

This is certainly not true in the world of SOCIAL ENTRENEURISM and FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES!!!

It is still very, very, very possible to go much FASTER. Much HIGHER. Much STRONGER. (And all without drugs or improved equipment!)

GO FOR THE GOLD! (Or the Silver. Or the Bronze. JUST GO!)

*Interesting note about “extreme outliers”. It seems like in the last 100 years, because the athletes have now come from all over the world, there are very few “extreme outliers” still out there.

I would suggest, on the other hand, there are some serious “extreme outliers” available within the For Impact and Social Entrepreneurial World!