For Impact


Community Leadership Role Play

Video, Just Ask | | Nick Fellers

  • Nick demonstrates how to share the vision and offer the opportunity for help.


    Nick has just met with a prominent community leader on behalf of Circles, a new organization whose mission is to stop the cycle of poverty.

    Key Learning Points:

    • Predisposition – send an email ahead of time i.e. I’m really excited to sit down with you tomorrow, here are some materials for you to look at, I’d like to get your feedback and input and talk about how you can help.
    • The people you meet with are great people, they might not say yes, but they want you to succeed.
    • Mentally, the visit is shoulder-to-shoulder – “We have to do this together!”
    • Ask questions! i.e. Does that make sense? What do you think about this?
    • Start with them where they are – Give them permission to be skeptical if they need to be.
    • Engage, Then Plan – i.e. Based on my math, I made a determination that it would be worth my time to get 10 people on board.
    • Listen and Always Take notes! Write down specific words they say and turn their words into the message.
    • “Forget about the money, I actually believe that our program and impact cannot be as successful without you.”
    • Follow-up immediately after the visit.